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auCoy’s love for the water and sailing began in the freshwater lakes around his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

From a professional standpoint, he began his career as a therapist after finishing graduate school in Denver, Colorado. He maintained a private practice for seventeen years as well as managing an inpatient men’s program at a treatment facility in Tucson, Arizona.

Over the forty years of his work career at one time or another, he was a carpenter, landscaper, house painter, roofer, preacher, teacher, trainer, mentor, fishing guide, father, grandfather, and of course a boat captain.

In 2003 he cofounded a nonprofit organization for men battling cancer. They provided three-day all-expense paid fly-fishing trips to men with any stage and type of cancer. You can read more about it at

In 1998 he began to rekindle his love of sailing and in 2005, just after turning fifty, he received his captain’s license and started a charter sailing business in the US Virgin Islands. For four seasons he sailed the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea taking folks on new adventures.

Coy has always believed a wandering spirit is a positive attribute and can be found living the RV dream these days with his first mate, Charlotte, and their dog Jojo in their land yacht, “Andiamo 3.”

When not fly fishing, bird watching, or hiking, they are on their latest sailboat, Reef Song, plying the waters of the Caribbean Sea, looking for another adventure.

Gypsy Wind Speaks is Coy’s first book.